Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Why Costume and Logo

The Super Why costume seems to be very popular and VERY hard to come by this year. The costume is sold-out online and has been for weeks, except if you want to pay upwards of $75 on ebay, which isn't even an option now, since I need it by Wednesday. Can you tell that this is all my 3-year-old son wants to be and now I'm trying to creating a costume for the last minute, I might add?

I came across a homemade costume at Just Treadmilling Around and she has posted great step-by-step directions with pictures for everyone. She also has the logo as a pdf that she can email, but I found a crisp one that I've attached here. You can click on it to make it bigger, save it and print it onto iron on transfer paper. I purchased some HP Iron-on Transfers at Target, but I'm sure you can get it at an office store or maybe even Michaels.

I hope this helps!


Heather said...

Can I post a link to your post on my Super Why post? I'd love to be able to direct people here so I don't have to keep emailing the pdf files. Your graphic is great, and definitely crisper than the one I used.

Baby Blog Addict said...


mommywest said...

Thank you! I couldn't find a good copy of the logo to print--it came out all fuzzy when I blew it up big enough for my son's shirt. He is so excited!