Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blog Hopping: The Pram is Dead, Long Live the Pram

:: If you are not familiar with what a pram is, you may want to start here.

By Emma
BBA Contributor

My old pram fell apart and it was the happiest day of my life. We never liked each other - that pram made sure I was miserable every day of my life and I made sure I kicked it at least once in the morning and twice in the evening.

It took me about three months of insisting to get Eric to ride in it and even then I never left the house without the baby sling. Many times he would decide he was fed up with the pram and I had no choice but to pop him into the sling. Otherwise he would scream the whole way home.

That pram had small plastic wheels and they made every little bump feel like a BUMP. It was so difficult to steer - both hands (my rock-climbing hands!) weren’t enough. Getting on and off the sidewalk was a pain. I had to lift the whole damn thing. The hood easily came off, and when it did, it fell right on the babies’ head. If, God forbid, I would put anything in the under-seat basket, the pram would start to behave like a sinking ship.

So thank you, my old pram - you showed me what a real pram needs to look like, what features it must have and what it should and shouldn’t do. Thanks to you, I now own a pram that I love because it makes my life so much easier!

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