Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog Hopping: Lil Piggie

By Barb
BBA Contributor

I just have to share this hilarious story from dinner the other night. First, some background. In the past month, Sarah has picked up a bad habit of stuffing her mouth full of food, gagging, then spitting it all out all over the place (there goes the image of my well-behaved, good-mannered toddlers! Busted!).

We often tell her to take one bite at a time, chew, and swallow before taking another bite. Once in a while, we'll tell her not to be a piggy or rude. The other night at dinner, both kids were devouring two of their favorite meal items: zucchini and tater tots (OMG! I have to do an entire extra zuc just for them and they usually end up eating more than we do! They love that stuff!).

Sarah had finished her first helping of her veggies and asked for more. Jacob, realizing his sister was getting something he wasn't, tried Sarah's approach and shoved what was on his plate in his mouth (picture chipmunk cheeks full of tots and zucchini). Sarah watched him do this, giggled and said something I couldn't quite understand. As Jacob tried to ask for "more," but struggled to talk with a mouth full of food, Sarah again said something to Jacob (sounded like what she'd just said, but I still couldn't understand her) and giggled.

I asked her what she was telling him and she looked at me. She looked at Jacob. And she went "oink oink!" (although they do it as a snort like you imagine a pig sounds). She had called her brother a PIG! Can it get any funnier??

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