Sunday, October 7, 2007

Potty Training

My son is almost two and has shown some interest in the potty. We already have one of those seats that fits on top of a real toilet, but I'm considering getting a small training potty for him.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what works best?

I've heard that the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Potty can be overwhelming, but I've also heard of some kids who love it. What about the more streamlined Baby Bjorn Potty?

Please share your suggestions on our forum or in the comments section on this post.


Melissa Overstreet said...

I've heard the Once Upon a Potty set is wonderful. We tried everything, only to find that the simple seat that fits on top of the toilet along with a step stool works great. We ended up placing a very simple training potty in the den too. Once we were sure we had the hang of it (a couple of weeks later) we cleaned it up and packed it away intil we have to use it for our next son. Also, we had better luck when we let our son wear "big boy" underwear. He loves his Spider Man and Thomas Train.

We made better progress when I bought the Elmo Goes to the Potty doll for him. I let him pretend to let Elmo drink from his sippy cup and then when Elmo says, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, I need to go potty" we would run to the bathroom and sit him on his own training potty. I always filled it with a little bit of water ahead of time so that when we took him off, my son thought Elmo really "went potty." He would jump, clap and cheer for Elmo every time he "went potty." We did it all day and had a blast. The next thing I knew, my son was using the potty on his own (and do the celebration dance for himslef). Now I don't even have to ask him to go. We still have accidents here and there, but he is doing really well. He even aksed to go to the potty while we were in the airport! I was so proud, but then a little frazzled trying to find a clean toilet.

FYI -- the reward system did not work for us. Our son would sit on the potty anytime he wanted a treat.

Bridget said...

A friend has the baby bjorn one and likes it. Our's is plain... by Safety 1st (I think)... the rim snaps out so you can snap it onto a big toilet. The only thing I don't like is the lid... I actually used to sit on it to bathe Libby... but recently I just took it off to see if she'd show more interest. She goes back and forth between wanting to use it and showing no interest at all. With Logan here, she has no interest right now.

A friend told me that when she is definitely showing interest to just let her run naked around the house. We're not that far yet but I don't know if that's really a big difference from just putting them in big kid pants. Seems like the big kid pants are a big incentive for some kids. Fun to go pick them out themselves. ?

good luck! let us know what works for y'all.

Melissa said...

a sticker chart with a big reward for filling up the chart (small rewards for filling up the rows) worked well for my older son, now 5. My twins, 3, are in Pull-Ups. They hate the small potty (my older son did too). They will only go on the toilet with the seat that sits on top. They will pee, but not poop so far. I keep pull-ups on them or I will change them all day long. They tell me someone peed on them. I am definitely not as stressed about the whole thing as I was with my older son. They will get it. With Max, it really felt like he got up one morning and decided he was just going to go on the toilet from that day on and did it.
Good luck!

Christy said...

I have the baby bjorn potty and I like it. I started at 15 months so the seat that goes on the toilet was a little overwhelming for my dd. Now at 20 months she is very comfortable with her potty and has no problem using it. We are not fully potty trained and that wasnot my goal at this age but I have not had to change a poopy diaper in over a week.