Monday, October 1, 2007

Vacation With the Kids - Rent the Baby Gear

A few months ago, I wrote about my "What to Pack" list. It's unbelievable how much stuff such a small person needs.

My list has been a life saver for weekend trips. But what if you are taking a vacation by plane or your car is too small or your luggage too big for a driving trip? Do you rent a U-haul to transport the pack 'n play, stroller, exersaucer, bouncy seat and all of the other items on your "what to pack" list? Or can you and your baby live without them?

What if you could skip packing the essentials and just have them delivered to you once you arrive at your destination. Check out these two companies that rent baby essentials when you travel.

  • Baby's Away, more than 70 locations nationwide, charges $12 a day for a full-size crib or $6 a day for an Exersaucer.

  • The Traveling Baby Company, limited locations in a few states but adding to list, charges $8 a day for a car seat or $18 for a high-end Bugaboo stroller.

So for your next vacation, you may want to save yourself a headache and a backache. Let Baby's Away or The Traveling Baby Company assist with making your vacation to the beaches of Destin or the city of San Francisco actual vacations for you and your little ones.

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