Monday, September 15, 2008

Airline Antics

Apparently flight attendants get frustrated while traveling with children, too. Mikki M, in a post on, writes that she was THAT mom.

"I was the mom in the aisle drying up spilled apple juice," Mikki writes. "I was the mom trying to mix a formula bottle while my two year old squirmed on my lap waiting for me to start the Elmo video. I was the mom that got up when the fasten seat belt sign was on because my child had to go 'potty' for the fifth time. I was the mom that kept pulling the bag out from under the seat in front of me and bothering that passenger while they tried to sleep. I was the mom that desperately tried to keep my two year old from waking everyone up to say 'hi.' I was the mom who finally got her child to take a nap 10 minutes before we landed. Finally, I was the mom that organized, planned and plotted pampered, soothed and consoled assisted, apologized and got creative. I was that mom!"

Read the rest of Mikki's drama-filled story here.

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