Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dad's Diary: Swearing by Swaddling

By Scott

Before Jack was born, I wasn't too sure about swaddling. I knew Jesus was swaddled, but how he got that way was a mystery. Despite my uncertainty, once I watched a helpful DVD and had an in-hospital lesson, I was a swaddling pro. Jennifer was a natural; like other things in parenthood, I had to learn on the job. But something happened between the hospital and home. We somehow forgot about swaddling.

After a couple of rough nights with Jack, we realized we hadn't done it since we were at the hospital - a big mistake that was quickly corrected.

Once we started swaddling him again, he slept like a baby (pun intended). We hardly heard a peep between feedings, as long as he was wrapped up nice and tight.

He may go off to college with his swaddling blankets.

Someone back in Baby Jesus' day must have known a thing or two about kids.

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babies blog said...

Great advice on swaddling Scott.

Double the blessing said...

Oh how I remember the burrito baby. Ours loved to be swaddled until they were about 4 months old.

Adrienne and Kyle said...

Kaden loved to be swaddled too. I had one of those blankets made for swaddling, with the velcro on it. It was great!

Steve P. said...

My wife did that - worked great! She also wrapped a bow around - which made me feel claustrophobic!

jilljohnandhope said...

My 5 month old still loves to be swaddled! Not all the time, but during random baby freakout moments, it still calms him down. I lovingly call it the little baby straight jacket.