Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Hopping: Digital Cameras at Show-and-Tell

By Pamela Hilton
BBA Contributor

During my time as a preschool teacher, I would have show and tell on Fridays. This was a time for the children to bring in toys from home to show their classmates, and then everyone would have an opportunity to share their toys with each other. I was surprised to see several of the kids bring in real digital cameras for show and tell. But as I inspected these digital cameras, I realized the genius behind them.

For starters, the design of the cameras was brilliant. They were heavy, sturdy, and brightly colored. They featured wide handles on either side and had only a few simple buttons. The pixel quality was obviously not great, but that doesn’t matter to children. They get such joy out of taking their own pictures. And what’s better, these cameras cost less than a hundred dollars – sometimes as little as fifty dollars.

A child taking their own digital images is a concept that makes sense on many levels. Children always seem to be excited about taking part in anything that identifies them with adults that they look up to, and this includes using any kind of electronics. Children are also notorious for their unquenchable sense of curiosity, and the ability to take pictures helps to nurture this priceless quality.

It’s a great way to support the love of photography and art, and give the child a sense of importance. And think of how great they will feel when they see an album of pictures they have taken!

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David said...

I got curious and trolled the web to find a good example of a kid's digital camera. This one looks like one of the better ones. It is the Kid Tough Digital Camera by Fisher-Price.