Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pregnant Million Dollar Winner

Deal or No Deal's very first million dollar winner is a 27-year-old pregnant stay-at-home mom. Jessica Robinson, a Utah native, is expecting a boy at the end of September. She turned down the banker's final offer of $561,000 and the rest is TV history. Robinson talked about her uncanny strategy this morning on the Today Show.


Janet said...

Yay for pregnant ladies and for Utah! :O)

Bridget said...

Oh Bubele has cloth diapers too!!! I just ordered one to try!!! Thanks for the 10% off code!!!! ;)

Jenn, you should really consider making and selling cloth diapers... they would be super cute matched with your dresses. ;) I actually saw one that would match the dress you made for Libby. Too cute!