Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrity Baby News

:: Pics of Jamie Lynn Spears Breastfeeding Stolen
Jamie Lynn's fiance, Casey Aldridge, reportedly took their digital camera to a Louisiana Wal-Mart to get pictures developed (who still does that anyway?). A male employee is believed to have copied the photos, with the idea of being able to turn around and sell them. Oops!

:: Samantha Harris on Breastfeeding and Baby Names
The Dancing with the Stars co-host, 34, tells FAMEbaby that balancing her career and motherhood isn't always as easy as she'd like.

:: Baby Bump for Eva Longoria?
The dress the Desperate Housewives star wore to last night's Emmy Awards has people in Hollywood talking. But Longoria is denying the rumor every chance she gets. Her Housewives co-star, Felicity Huffmann, joked that she's just fat.

:: Keanu Reeves, Parker Posey Expecting Baby?
The couple were spotted spending more than $1,000 on baby products in exclusive Los Angeles store Petit Tresor.

:: Jessica Alba's Perfect Post-Baby Body
The actress, who once said she doesn't work out regularly, gave birth to her first daughter in June, and less than four months later looks like this.

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