Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Blogger Templates:
The Cutest Blog on the Block

The Cutest Blog on the Block offers some adorable designer backgrounds for free! And best of all, they say that you will NOT loose any information such as links, widgets, or html codes!

You may have noticed quite a few of these templates popping up on blogs lately. They have a subtle box in the upper left corner that says Free backgrounds and more at

I would recommend choosing a background that is not too busy. The background stays put as the text scrolls, so it is a little difficult to read the text on blogs with any pattern on the middle column of the template.

You can even choose holiday backgrounds and switch them out as each holiday nears.

Have any of you used The Cutest Blog on the Block's templates? Leave us a comment letting us know what you think. Any tips would be great too.

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Marci said...

Their templates are the only cute ones that I have used that I can actually get to work AND keep all my sidebar info. I LOVE the site!!!

beth ewing said...

it's super easy to do and it's true that you don't lose any info in the process. i was trying to scrapbook my own but it's not worth it when you have a site like this.

Finleypotamus said...

I am still pretty new to blogging so my blog was superplain until I found them. I love my new background and it was super easy to use.

Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I LOVE them!! i'm constantly changing my background now. It's so great that you don't lose any of your sidebar info like you do with other sites!

Jennifer B said...

I love them. So cute, plus unlike other cute backgrounds you will not loose any information. So cool!! Just make sure that you have the correct template or the background won't look right. They have an easy step by step guide to help.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get the little logo to go away? I have seen other blogs with these backgrounds that don't have the logo so I assume there is a way.... Anyone have any info on this?

Erin Tales said...

The logo is there to give he creator credit and send more people to their site. A little logo in exchange for something free - dont be too picky. :wink:

The way to not have a logo is usually to make it yourself.