Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Baby Borrowers: Reviews

What did you think of the show? Here's one review. Most that we've seen have been mixed, including this one: some teens are saying the show barely delivers.


NIKKI said...

I liked it...I'll be watching it next week. Think it's GREAT for kiddos so young wanting kids. They need to enjoy life for a while before having kids. Don't get me wrong having children is the best thing that happened to me. BUT I wouldn't have wanted to miss my college years, or they years I had with my hubby before kids!

beth ewing said...

these reviews were interesting. i agreed with alot of it i guess. most of the kids on the show still act like babies so how are they expected to take care of one. i'm not sure it will really keep teens from getting pregnant...i think that's just the networks excuse to put it on the air. i do have to say i was wondering if the parents are worried about the effect on their babies. i know some babies have seperation anxiety as it is. it was obviously stressful on these babies or else the "happy babies" that their parents discribed wouldn't be crying nonstop.