Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Diary: It's a Mom's World

By Scott

Us dads, before we're officially Dads, aren't quite sure how this whole parenting thing will work out. We've seen other guys, whom we've deemed far inferior to us, thrust into the parenting world and somehow, against all odds, they make it. We, too, should be able to master this. Why do we doubt ourselves? Because society makes us! It's a mom's world out there - everything relating to kids is built around them. Mother's Day Out. Playgroups. Magazines. We're trying to break into this huge fortress, but the gates are locked tight and there are big, burly guards out front keeping us at bay.

When our son was an infant, we had a wonderful nanny who stayed with him from 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. My work schedule allowed me to fill the gap between 1:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. when my wife got home. I took pride in the fact that every afternoon when we packed up the stroller and hit the road for a long walk I was the only dad out there. At the same time, it drove me nuts when moms out for a stroll with their little ones brought up the fact that I was "babysitting." How often are moms asked if they're babysitting? Let's go out on a limb and say never. So on this Father's Day, here's a message to all the people out there who rank dads just above the yard guy: we're trying to get used to this whole idea of being a dad. Don't make it more difficult for us. Embrace us! Welcome us in as one of your own! We may even surprise you every now and then and fail to come up with an excuse to get out of changing that dirty diaper.

This is the first installment of Dad's Diary. There will be more. Maybe weekly. We'll see. If you have ideas for future Dad's Diary columns, e-mail us.


NIKKI said...

I have always agreed with this..when a dad is with his kiddos he isn't babysitting --he's just with his kids! Go DAD ---it's nice to hear that is your point of view also!
Looking forward to your dad's diary!

Bridget said...

Great post! You should live in Champaign... there are tons of stay at home dads or dads with free mornings out at the park. It was always neat to see how they handled certain situations differently than some moms would.
Great post. I'll have to tell my hubby. ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember that comment over and over...expecially be sweet elderly ladies who had lived through the generation of husbands who were on the golf course while they were in labor. The gelam in their eye as they look at you....young, interested and holding your child....and yes even changing diapers. They would smile and say, "It is so nice of you to babysit for your wife."

Meanwhile, my wife was at work with her days off different than my own. There were "mommy days" and there were "daddy days." I always joked that we were prepped for divorce.

But nevertherless...the modern family...we all chipped in and it worked.

I still recognize the occasional look of admiration but I do not fool myself...this is what I must do. We only have one shot and it goes by quickly.


Anonymous said...

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