Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby With Rare Tumor Born Twice, Now Healthy 4-Week-Old

Sounds like a story out of The Inquirer, but it's not. This is an amazing true story highlighting advances in medical technology and the miracle of life. Here's a clipping of the begninng of the story. It's definitely worth a click through to read the rest.

Four months into Keri McCartney's pregnancy, doctors reportedly noticed a tumor growing on the baby's tailbone.

Doctors discovered that the tumor was stealing blood from the fetus and weakening her heart. So, at 25 weeks, surgeons at Texas Children's Fetal Center cut into McCartney's abdomen in an effort to remove the life-threatening mass, according to a CBS News report. For the rest of the story...

Click here for photos including one incredible picture from the operation. I was going to post it here, but even has a warning that it's graphic, so I figured I'd put the link instead.

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