Sunday, June 29, 2008

Parenting Quiz

A certain almost-three-year-old has started refusing to finish his dinner. After several bites he wants to get up. Food that he has loved up to this point in his young life, he claims to suddenly despise. Should he be strongly encouraged to "eat a couple more bites" or should the parents give in, accept that maybe he's full, and let him out of his seat? How do you encourage your child to eat when there are better things to do? Leave comments below.

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beth ewing said...

we have that problem at times too and when my mom was here, she tried making it a game. she would have him open his mouth and then she'd say "no, i still think there is room in there...try another piece". and he fell for it. don't know how long it will work but we've found that making it a game often gets him to eat better. just a thought.

Baby Blog Addict said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Beth. I actually think the game thing worked when he was younger, but unfortunately, it's not working anymore. I tried it again after I read your suggestion and no luck. I guess we'll just continue to put things on his plate that he may not like and hopefully, he'll just give in one day.