Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is It Harder to Raise Boys or Girls?

Here are a few interesting nuggets from this story:

:: Boys may not listen as well as girls because their hearing isn't as good from birth

:: Girls are rigged to be people-oriented; boys are more action-oriented

:: Boys are harder to raise early on, but girls become more difficult as pre-teens

What do you think? Which is easier to parent: a boy or girl?


beth ewing said...

this was just an article in my parenting magazine too. the consensus seemed to be that boys are harder at first and then girls are harder in their preteen years. i can't speak from experience though b/c i only have a little boy. i do think he is harder than many of my friends daughters though.

Bridget said...

My daughter has been more easy going and very independent... my son is clingier. From the time she could crawl, my daughter would crawl to her room and just look through her books or play a game... she's very vocal. My son just crawls after me. I've noticed his fine motor skills are more advanced than my daughter's were at this age (9months). But my daughter was more social and talkative at that age. We'll see when they are teens... or twos??? ;)

garegare said...

raising a kid is tough period. have you seen this social experiment on NBC called Baby Borrowers? they give a teen couple a child to take care of to see if they can handle it... dangerous if you ask me