Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snake in a Crib!

A family in New York discovered a California King Snake (non-venomous) inside their 7-month-old's bed while she was sleeping. The child's grandmother -- understandably -- was shocked.

"An urban legend, you don't believe it could really happen," Joyce Abatemarco said.

The 2-3-foot long constrictor that will grow to a size of more than 8 feet was discovered in the crib, wrapped around the leg of tiny Isabella Abatemarco, visiting her grandparents in Brentwood, a community on Long Island.

More coverage here.


Nicole said...

I am totally creeped out. I heard about this today and can't imagine finding a snake in my daughter's crib! Yikes!

beth ewing said...

i probably would have freaked out so bad that i scared the snake and made it bite me or worse my child. that just freaks me out.

mssunnytx said...
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