Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dad's Diary: InJEANious Idea!

By Scott

Most moms want to wait as long as possible before sliding into those maternity clothes. It seems to be kind of a challenge among the pregnant set: delay the inevitable as long as possible. And why not? Maternity clothes, from what I hear, are really no fun at all, so why rush into them? There is, however, a line that should not be crossed. When the time comes future moms, accept it. Don't be the very pregnant lady wearing just a jogging bra and pants exposing all of her at least eight months worth of stomach. Have some self-respect. But really, maternity clothes aren't even that bad anymore. Easy for me to say, I know, but Google backs me up.

While you're still trying to ward off the stork, try this: about three months into her pregnancy someone told my wife about the rubber band trick that helps jeans fit a little longer as the waistline expands. What an idea! And neither she nor I would have ever thought of it. Make the most out of those clothes for as long as you can, moms-to-be, but please, know when to say when.

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Cindy & Brian said...

I did this for the first few weeks and it was awesome! Didn't last too long since the triplet belly got big FAST!