Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Useful Tips from Parenting Magazine

From the Chicago Tribune...

1. Get your kid in the car in a hurry. "Have her choose an animal (a bird, frog, bunny, whatever) to act like as she makes her way to the car."

2. Have ants invaded your kitchen? "Sprinkle baking soda in cracks and anywhere else they can sneak into your home," according to the authors of "A Field Guide to Household Bugs: It's a Jungle in Here."

3. Stay dry. Stick a Popsicle into a coffee filter to keep hands clean and prevent a spilling mess.

4. Snack standing up. Bonus: You'll probably consume less than when you're sitting because you'll be less likely to fall into the trap of mindless eating."

5. Make a snack necklace with a preschooler: "Have her slide Cheerios, pretzels, and dried apple rings onto waxed dental floss. Tie it around your child's neck to make it an edible accessory."

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