Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're Back...and Other Tidbits

We're back. And by "we" I mean a collective we - the website and me. I was traveling with friends in Washington, D.C. while my wife, the other half of Baby Blog Addict, is with our son still visiting family and friends in Louisiana. They return on Tuesday. All parents can relate to how incredibly weird it is to be alone in a very quiet house that is usually anything but quiet. It's nice, but I'm anxious for them to return. We'll be back to our regular Baby Blog Addict updates tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, one of the highlights of the trip was a private tour of The White House. Yes, that is me in the top picture pretending to read a book in the library on the ground floor. We even caught a glimpse of First Lady Laura Bush as we crossed a hallway and got to pet Beazley, one of the president's dogs. Barney, the older dog, ran off before we could say hello. On the south lawn of the White House - the same place where tee ball is played - there were two volleyballs that our guide told us the dogs like to play with. The volleyballs were an odd sight on the pristine lawn - just sitting there, alone, in the midst of gun-toting security guards and heavily armored vehicles. It was one of the most normal things we saw there.

A couple of other noteworthy parts of the tour included a stop at the White House bowling alley (we were told President Bush doesn't use it very often) and a look inside the massive refrigerator that keeps all the White House flowers fresh. They were some of the most perfect flowers - all types - that I've ever seen.

The White House is an incredible place, dripping with so much history it's impossible to comprehend it all.

Here's an interesting nugget to close with: there are no back doors at the White House because it would be considered offensive to bring a head of state in through one. Who knew?

The Baby Blog Addict Road Trip Blog was a big hit. Check out more pictures here.


NIKKI said...

As owners of two scotties ... we are quite fans of Beazley and Barney! :) We've gotten paw print signed photos of them! :) We send Mrs. Bush Christmas cards every year with a note saying from our twin and scottie home to yours!

FYI--- we've gottan a letter every year after we have sent them a christmas card! Neat to have!

Bridget said...

That's so cool! The White House was all closed off when we went. We couldn't get anywhere near it.

Jennifer Walker said...

Nikki. That's so cute that you both have twin girls and two Scotties. The Christmas card letter exchange is great too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a GREAT time in D.C.! The Dodsons are living vicariously through you at this very moment since we had to cancel our D.C. trip this summer. Boo Hoo! We can't wait to see more of your trip. Have FUN!!