Monday, June 9, 2008

How to Save $400 a Month on Groceries

Making a few changes can help ease your grocery bill, experts say. Find out how to feed a family on $100 a week in "How to Save $400 a Month on Groceries".

Featured websites include:

  • The Grocery Game - you'll get a weekly list (called Teri's List) of the lowest-priced products at your supermarket matched with manufacturers' coupons and weekly specials -- advertised and unadvertised. Subscribers pay $10 every eight weeks.

  • The Coupon Mom - offers a database that matches store deals to relevant coupons, but doesn't pinpoint when an item has hit its lowest price.

  • The Dollar Stretcher - funded by advertising, which means the registration path can be a bit annoying, but the founder insists it's necessary to keep the service free and growing and we like FREE.

  •'s Grocery Service - ships 22,000 nonperishable items in bulk -- free, if your bill surpasses $25.

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