Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Etiquette Week: Day 1
Your Friend is Pregnant

This week is "Baby Etiquette Week" on Thanks to Lisa Friedman, co-founder of in Beverly Hills, CA, for being a guest contributor this week.

Baby Etiquette Week: Day 1 – Your Friend Is Pregnant

While you may not be the one getting larger each month, deliberating on the relative merits of the Bugaboo versus the Stokke and running (wobbling) from OBGYN appointment to Prenatal Yoga, you are still under a lot of pressure. Your friend is pregnant, therefore you need to worry about what gifts to buy, when to give them, how much to spend and how to throw a baby shower. Don’t get overwhelmed, you have nine months to save and plan. You will get through this stressful (ahem wonderful) time.

What are the best new baby gifts?
This is not stressful- anything you buy will be absolutely adorable (everything is cute when it’s that tiny) and will be extremely helpful (most people do not have extra onesies lying around). Your biggest concern should be choosing pink, blue or green (aka gender neutral), the size (3-6 months is key) and what type of cotton (if it’s an eco-friendly baby, opt for organic cotton). New baby gifts for all genders and environmental dispositions are blankets & burp cloths, clothes & shoes, gear (high chairs, strollers, etc), toys or silver collectibles. Many gifts can be personalized with the baby’s name, which adds an extra special touch.

Lisa Friedman
BBA Guest Contributor
Beverly Hills, CA


Anonymous said...

I just went through this... a friend i know was pregnant and i wanted to get her something useful so i opted for the stroller. i am not a mom so i needed advice on picking one. i found this site where actual moms review their strollers in video so you can see how they work. stroller reviews in video were super helpful for me!

Organic Baby Nook said...

the best baby gift my husband and i got was a coupon of "date night" certificates from our family and friends, so we could get out of the house once a month, while friends babysat for us.

it was brilliant and a sanity saver.