Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parenting Styles Differ

It's funny that we stumbled upon this just a couple of days after the first installment of Dad's Diary. Moms and dads do things differently - VERY differently in some cases. Here's an excerpt from a column found in a Colorado newspaper:

"I remember the first time I watched my husband change a diaper. He placed the cloth next to our newborn son and then scooched his bottom into position by sliding him side to side, his floppy little legs waving. 'Why is he doing that?' I thought to myself."

Ah, that's what makes the world go 'round. Click here for the entire column...and more differences between mom and dad.

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Bridget said...

There was a good article in one of the parenting mags on this a few months back. It was printed at the perfect time for me... when I was about to pull my hair out (going back to work after number two and leaving my hubby to the bedtime routine a few nights a week). I'm home alone with them for the bulk of the day... I have a certain routine... and it's hard to let go of that and let him just do sometimes. That's when I leave the room and call a friend or my mom. Might as well get some me time and not see how he's doing something I wouldn't. I want my kids to learn to be flexible... even though I'm not. ;) I can fake it, right?