Monday, June 2, 2008

Opinion: Culture Limits 'Baby-Friendly' Options

From New Orleans City Business:

The baby haters have spoken.

I haven’t been to a movie since September. The previews at the theater have sufficiently warned us about how crying babies can disrupt the viewing experience for others. We’ve had waiters give us the stink eye for bringing our otherwise quiet infant into a white tablecloth restaurant.

And I’ve had one friend bring her baby to an outdoor food and wine tasting, only to be told by a manager as she was leaving that her child’s presence made him uncomfortable.
Since having our daughter Zoe, in July, we’ve discovered our culture isn’t very baby-friendly.


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beth ewing said...

i think alot of that is true for not just new orleans. i'm constantly frustrated with the lack of changing tables and the almost nonexistence of them in men's rooms.