Friday, June 27, 2008

Newborn Twins Tip Scales At 23 Pounds

A set of North Carolina babies surprised their parents by tipping the scales and being among the biggest twins on record: Sean William Maynard and Abigail Rose Maynard weighed in at a combined 23 pounds and 1 ounce at birth last week. The boy weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces; the girl, 12 pounds, 3 ounces.

Those would be considered big babies for single births, can you imagine twins? By the way, for those of you who watch Desperate Housewives, does the name Maynard ring a bell?


NIKKI said...

Holy cow-- I thought mine were big at 5 lbs 9 oz and 5 lb 10 oz! That momma was in some major PAIN carrying them around! :)

beth ewing said...

i saw this article this morning and it made me cringe. i'm wondering if she was able to deliver vaginally. yikes!