Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Joy for NFL Player, Wife

We're New Orleans Saints fans here at Baby Blog Addict, but the Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware makes us forget about that for a moment. Last January was a rough time for Ware and his wife, Taniqua. Ware's Cowboys had just lost to the New York Giants in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Five days before that, Taniqua miscarried for the third time.

After meeting a man at a car dealership who had an adopted son and consulting with his father, the family decided adoption was their best option. Six months later, life is good once again for the Wares.

"You are so happy because you have a little bundle of joy in your life," Ware told the Dallas Morning News. "I even find myself going to Wal-Mart looking for little toys. When I'm going grocery shopping looking for food, I'm getting baby food instead of food for myself."


Finleypotamus said...

I know what he means. Soon after my first son was born I never even though to look at close for me at the store! And I spent tons of time in the baby food aisle trying to pick out a new food I thought he'd love. What a blessing for his family. Congratulations!

Misty said...

I love this site, but now knowing you are Saints fans, I will be faithful forever!
Thanks for providing so much insight to a MOM who has little time, but still wants to know what's going on in the world.
MOM to gggg quads 21months