Thursday, August 28, 2008

BBA Headlines

:: Baby Born on Plane
An Indian woman gave birth to a healthy boy aboard a flight to Australia to reunite with her husband.

:: Bassinet Trouble
One of the most popular bassinets in America has been linked to at least two babies' deaths.

:: Diaper Saves Toddler
A disposable diaper saved the life of an 18-month-old who fell from the third floor of a building in Brazil.


Anonymous said...

This is the greatest website! I love it! As a mother of 20 month old twins--this is the greatest way to stay "in the know" Thanks for your hard work!
I work full time (however I do get to take my babies with me-which is awesome)--so at night when my babies are going to sleep--I check out your website! Love it!
Erika Allison in MS

Baby Blog Addict said...

Thanks so much for the great feedback, Erika. Congratulations on your twins. They are adorable!