Thursday, August 21, 2008

Celebrity Baby News

:: Matt Damon (right) is a second-time father after his wife gave birth to a baby girl.

:: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale welcomed their second little prince today.

:: Angie Harmon is expecting her third child with husband Jason Sehorn.

:: Jennifer Garner has confirmed that she and Ben Affleck are expecting baby number two.


beth ewing said...

i know some people say that celebrities chose their lifestyle so they can't complain, but i feel bad for them sometimes that nothing is private. they don't even get to tell people they're pregnant b/c they read it in a magazine first. are we really that nosy as a public?

Bridget said...

I agree, Beth... When it comes to their kids, I think celebrity should go out the window... leave the babies alone... although, I have to admit, I love seeing the baby pics. lol. hypocrite, much? But it does make me sad to see pics where they are trying their hardest to shade their babies and you just know the paparazzi are all up in their faces. so sad. the babies didn't choose that lifestyle.