Friday, August 29, 2008

Potty Training a Reluctant Toddler

A mother is frustrated by her daughter's screaming fits when she mentions using the potty, even though the almost-three-year-old tells her when she needs to go to the bathroom and can take her own clothes off. The advice: get rid of the diapers.


Bridget said...

OMG that's Libby! lol. She would sit like an angel on the potty, then when she had to go, "Pants!!! Pants Peez!!! Put Pants ON PEEEZ! ... We got some great trainers (Imse Vimse, Little Beetles), she just went in them.. I left her naked... she would go in one spot on the I moved the potty in that spot. Now she'll use the potty in her bathroom upstairs and the downstairs potty,well, she grabs from the bathroom and moves it to her spot.

Any tips on solving this issue or the pee through the training pants issue, let me know! She HATES to have undies around her ankles. She'd rather pee in them. My mom says preschool will help solve this one... she won't want to wet in front of her friends. We'll see???

NIKKI said...

We had MAJOR potty issues in our house for one of our twins. I gave up and told her she had to start cleaning herself after reading different Dr's advice online. It took 1 time and it groosed her out so much she started going on the potty... Bridget email me if you want more info on how we did it.