Friday, August 29, 2008

"The Greatest Website"

We love all the Baby Blog Addicts who make us a part of their daily routines...and we love it when you love us! The notes below were so nice, we thought we'd pass them along.

"This is the greatest website! I love it! As a mother of 20 month old twins-this is the greatest way to stay "in the know." Thanks for your hard work! I work full time (however I do get to take my babies with me-which is awesome)--so at night when my babies are going to sleep--I check out your website! Love it!" - Erika in Mississippi

"I love this site, but now knowing you are Saints fans, I will be faithful forever! Thanks for providing so much insight to a MOM who has little time, but still wants to know what's going on in the world." - Misty, MOM to gggg quads 21 months

Thanks, Erika and Misty. Readers like you keep us coming back to do this every day.

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