Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Knew? Different Size Nipples

By Jennifer

"Who Knew?" is a new Baby Blog Addict column that will mostly be based on my own crazy experiences and discoveries during pregnancy and motherhood. It'll touch on the things you don't always find in the books, but you probably should. I've often thought, "How am I supposed to just know that?" That's how this column,"Who Knew?" came to be.

Along with my own experiences, I'll also share stories that I hear from my mommy friends or that I find while blog hopping. You can participate too. Feel free to submit your own "Who Knew?" experiences to share with the Baby Blog Addict community.

My first experience was with different size bottle nipples. Who knew there were different size nipples for baby bottles?

I don't even remember how old my son was when I was walking through Babies 'R Us and came across different Dr. Brown's nipple sizes. I got this nervous feeling in my stomach, because I had no clue that there were different levels. Who Knew?

For all of you who are preggo and doing your baby registry or a new mom using Dr. Browns bottles, here's what's available:

Level 1 Nipple - for feeding newborns; comes with the bottle
Level 2 - three months +
Level 3 - six months +
Level 4 - also six months +
Y-cut - Faster flow for thicker liquids
Preemie Nipple - for feeding preemies

So, now you know.


Bridget said...

yeah, my daughter was 2 1/2 months old before she could tolerate the level 1 Dr Brown nips.. thank goodness for a nurse who stashed away some Nuk preemie nips... we had been syringe feeding her b/c she couldn't latch to nurse when this nurse came on staff. This nurse knew just where to look to find the "sacred" preemie nipples.

beth ewing said...

yea totally missed level 2 with the bottles. i felt the same way. how was i supposed to know that.

Adrienne and Kyle said...

Yea, I didn't know at first either. It came up one day when some women Kyle worked with were telling him there were different stage pacifiers. I freaked b/c I didn't know and he was using the newborn size at like 6 months or older. Same with the bottle nipples. I just never thought to look for that stuff.

Andrea said...

I used the ones I think the whole time... because I breast feed. Maybe also important to note.

Baby Blog Addict said...


I breastfed too. Does that make a difference? Maybe it was ok that I stuck with the level 1 for a while.


Bridget said...

I breastfed too and started latching well when she was able to tolerate level ones... I don't know if that means anything??? my daughter was bottlefed bm for the first few months and went through a few different bottles and nips... when my kids get bf'ing, they refuse bottles all together.

Baby Bedding said...

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