Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog Watch

:: Squidoo - baby travel strollers.
:: Savvy Cafe - Organic food for toddlers.
:: MyEcoStyle - the diaper discussion.
:: Accessibility - tummy time!
:: The West - Would you put your baby on a diet?
:: Naush - The truths about parenting.
:: King Al - Parenting tips.
:: Parenting - How does parenting affect personality?


Mrs. Domino said...

Always looking for new blogs. Thanks. I loved the cloth diaper article on ecostyle.

Misty said...

As an OT & a mom of quads & preemies, I can't agree more with the article on Tummy time! I know it is not easy, esp when you have 4 who hate it & cry the whole time!
MOM to 21 gggg quads

Anonymous said...

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