Friday, August 15, 2008

Quadathon Recap & Thank Yous

I know our quadathon ended two weeks ago and I said I was going to write a special thank you to everyone involved when I was able to catch my breath the following week, but I guess it took me a little longer. Here it is.

I mentioned it before, but again want to thank the quad moms -- Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari -- for their time, humor and inspiring words. Here are their blogs:

If you missed our series, "Q&A with the Quad Moms", click here for the all the posts or click on individual questions below to see how each quad mom answered. Some of their answers are hilarious, some are very moving. This read is definitely worth your time.

1. Did you know what a blog was before you found out you were pregnant?

2. Do you ever think, I am so blogging about this?

3. Did you realize how popular your blog was going to be?

4. Do you ever feel "pressure" to be entertaining?

5. Would you allow cameras into your house like "Jon and Kate Plus 8"?

6. What's your most embarrassing quad moment?

7. What's the funniest comment about having quads?

8. What's your funniest "mommy brain" moment?

9. How many other blogs do you check a day?

10. Who does most of your blog updates - you or your husband?

11. What's your best piece of parenting advice?

12. What's the best thing about having quads?

Thanks to all of you who entered our daily GIVEAWAYS and to the amazing companies who supplied items:

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Stoots Family said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work that went into spotlighting these blogs! These blogs are on my computer favorites so I was really excited to see the Q & A's. Thanks again.

Baby Blog Addict said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I loved reading their responses too and hoped that all of you baby blog addicts would enjoy the Q&A series too.