Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diaper Calculator Widget

When I clicked on our last winner's blog, I came across this Diaper Calculator from tripletsmommy.com in her sidebar. You can get it too for your sidebar (narrow version) or for a blog post (wider version).

Check out your own family's diaper calculator stats. Just a warning that you may want to sit down when you hit "calculate."


Mrs. Domino said...

Very depressing. Makes a good argument for cloth diapers-- saves lots of money!

Anonymous said...

That makes me glad I cloth diaper!

Gibson Twins said...

The money part doesn't bother me, its the time part. I've had my hands in poop/pee for x hours. Ewww! Still would rather pitch the diaper than clean it out though! But then again I think we give ourselves too much credit for the impact on the environment.