Monday, August 18, 2008

Naming Babies After Olympic Champions

Zimbabwean swimmer and world record holder, Kirsty Coventry, has been called a "national treasure" by the head of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and "golden girl" by the Zimbabwean President. She brought her native Zimbabwe their first Olympic medal ever during the 2004 Olympics.

That prompted Zimbabweans to start naming their babies after her. Several newborn babies were named Kirsty, some with the middle name Coventry, others were even called "Goldmedal" or "Threemedals" to celebrate her Athens haul.

Since she has won a few more medals in Beijing, I'm thinking that there may be more Kirsty's born in Zimbabwe again this year...or maybe even a "Fourmedals."

That got me thinking. How many "Phelps" do you think will be born in the U.S.A. over the next few months? Would you consider naming your baby after an Olympic Champion? Cast your vote in our poll in the right sidebar.


Red Cup Mom said...

This is hilarious! Phelps as a first name. I am sure I will meet one next year.

beth ewing said...

although i'm very proud of Michael Phelps and all the American athletes, this might be taking it a bit too far. of course with some of names we see in hollywood, goldmedal and threemedals won't be that weird.

Audrey said...

Well, as a daughter with the name Kerrigan, I thought I better chime in. Although we most definitely didn't name her after Nancy, I can see some people doing that. I love your blog btw!

Stoots Family said...

While my husband & I named our son "Myles" because we both are runners and were engaged during a 7 mile run, I don't think I would go as far as naming my child after an Olympic athlete is a bit much!