Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dad's Diary: Hospital Lockdown

By Scott

Our son came into the world in grand fashion. Not only did he arrive 12 days early, but he also managed (with the help of his uncle) to launch a full lockdown of the hospital.

Jack's ankle monitor fell off and it was put aside to deal with later. When Uncle G arrived at the room, he pulled it apart to try to get it back on Jack's leg.

Big mistake.

Almost immediately, a nurse called the room to see if we had the baby, the elevators were stopped and, as far as we know, the rest of the hospital was briefly as secure as The White House. Oops.

Heightened security like that should make parents feel good, however, especially considering what happened down the road from BBA Headquarters a few months ago.

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beth ewing said...

when my mom went to visit my cousin and her baby in the hospital, her work pager (this was years ago) set it off. the doors locked and they searched her and everything.