Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baby Etiquette Week: Day 4
Throwing a Baby Shower

If you missed the first three days of Baby Etiquette Week, we covered "Your Friend Is Pregnant," "How Much & When To Give Baby Gifts," and "A Gift For The New Parents." Now we're talking about proper etiquette when throwing a baby shower.

Who is responsible for throwing the baby shower?
Baby showers are typically hosted by anyone (with the exception of the new parents-to-be) from the new grandma to close relatives and friends.

When should a baby shower be held?
If the parent’s religion and customs allow, the baby shower is usually held a month or so before the baby is born. The shower can be held any time after conception; although, it’s always better to hold the party towards the end of the pregnancy. Be sure to check with the parents-to-be and their immediate family to determine everyone’s availability. There is nothing worse than planning a party and sending out invitations only to find out that the most important people are unavailable.

Who should be invited to the baby shower?
Always check first with the new parents to make sure you invite everyone they want to attend. Generally guests include relatives and close friends.

Lisa Friedman
BBA Guest Contributor
Beverly Hills, CA


Bridget said...

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my coworkers threw me a shower at around 24 wks. We were supposed to be moving in the third trimester (which didn't happen) but what did happen was preeclampsia. It was a good thing I had it earlier. Not only would I have not been able to attend my own shower, but I was much cuter in my small maternity clothes (as opposed to trying to find anything to cover that belly!). I say between 24-34 wks is ideal. Plus it gives the parents time to figure out what they still need before baby arrives.

NIKKI said...

Also if you are preggo with multiples earlier on is better in case you end up on bedrest! :)

Baby Blog Addict said...

I agree that you don't want to wait too late. I agree with Bridget that 34 weeks should be the latest. It's better to give the parents-to-be time to know what they still need. And you want the mom-to-be to be able to enjoy the shower. Some babies arrive early, so you don't want mom to miss her special day if she ends up on bedrest or delivery early.