Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dad's Diary: Breastfeeding Class

By Scott

WHEN it was time for our breastfeeding class I was nervous. That's a weird place for guys to be. But Jennifer assured me that other husbands would be there to support their wives. After all, support is one of the keys to successful breastfeeding right?

As we prepared to make our grand entrance into the hospital's classroom, I couldn't help thinking about the possibility I'd be the only guy there. Thankfully, I wasn't. There were two other guys in a room full of pregnant women. My first thought was, "Where are these guys? They're letting their wives do this alone?" Then it dawned on me that they might have realized in advance what I realized once the class started: maybe we shouldn't be there. Case in point: one of the first things we witnessed was the lactation consultant massaging a fake breast (a lot) then sticking it into a fake baby's mouth.

Despite the intense mental scarring, I did retain some useful nuggets. Did you know a cabbage leaf can be used to soothe engorged breasts? I also found out about positioning, suction and the type of stool breast milk produces. All things guys need to know. Just in case the wife forgets.

It's all about support. Even if we're never able to look at breasts the same again.

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