Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quad Q&A: "What's a Blog?" and
"I'm So Blogging About This"

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the Steeces, Murrays, McNultys and Goerlichs through our blog spotlights. Now, it's time to get to know these super moms behind the scenes. We asked them quite a few questions and they were so eager to answer them all for us. Here are the first two Q&As. We'll post the rest throughout the next week.

1. Did you know what a blog was before you found out you were pregnant?

  • Suz Steece - Yes! I had been blogging for about 2 years prior to getting pregnant just to start my own online journal and keep up with friends, family, etc. (I think a total of 10 people actually read it! One and two being my mom and dad! ha)

  • Jen Murray - I first learned about blogging through a friend's blog shortly after we found out we were expecting triplets (we found out they were actually quads two weeks later) and told Brad (my husband) that I thought it would be a perfect way to communicate some of our pregnancy updates and specific prayer requests to our friends and family. I had NO IDEA "back in the day" that it would be passed along and receive thousands of hits a day.

  • Gen McNulty - I had NO idea. Conor had to explain it to me at least 50x's. It was this whole world i knew NOTHING about. I never imagined that I would end up being the one writing it!! And... that I would make such amazing friends through it.

  • Mari Goerlich - I had never blogged before getting pregnant with quads but once I saw how easy it was and how much fun it was to keep up with other quad families, I was hooked.

2. When something happens in your own household, do you think, I am so blogging about this?

  • Suz - ABSOLUTELY! It keeps everything interesting!!!

  • Jen - Since I use the blog as a memory book, I try to post some of biggest moments and laughs of our lives. However, the blog is just a "snip-it" of our lives. Some things we choose to keep personal and not share with the "lurkers" of the blogosphere. Other times, I can't wait to upload specific pictures for a blog post.

  • Gen - Absolutely!! Blogging can be a lot like therapy. You just barf all your thoughts online and ... few.. you feel so much better!

  • Mari - That's the beauty of blogging. When I have a really crummy day I often think, "well at least it's good blogging material." And then if I blog about it, it's always good therapy too.

Stay tuned for more Q&As throughout the next week. In the meantime, check out and enter our new giveaway above for an organic silk hooded sweater from a b sea.

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Mrs. Domino said...

I'm new to this blog and I already love it! I'm a baby blogger- mostly just for family and intimate friends, and I agree-- blogging IS like therapy. Whenever somehting happens with my son, I love to blog it to relieve stress and hopefully help out another mom!