Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dad's Diary: Pregnancy Cravings

By Scott

Aren't pregnancy cravings laugh about? There are so many differing opinions about cravings that it's hard to keep track. Which cravings are good? Which are bad? For a dad, they're probably all bad because a craving more than likely means we're heading out on a moment's notice to fetch something ridiculous for the high-maintenance woman of our dreams. Of course, high maintenance is meant in the nicest possible sense of the phrase.

Jennifer's pregnancy cravings weren't that bad and there were only a few: snowballs (or shaved ice or snowcones depending on where you live), cheez balls and ribs. The hunt for cheez balls was an adventure. We weren't able to find any at the local Wal-Mart or Winn Dixie over the course of a couple of days, so we thought they didn't exist anymore. Neither of us had had them in years. Luckily, she stumbled upon them at the Shell gas station next door to her office. Life could continue. Sadly, to the dismay of many, it seems they have been discontinued.

Why do pregnant women crave what they crave? There aren't many answers to that question, but at least one study, published in the Indian Journal of Public Health fourteen years ago, tried to shed some light on the issue. The study surveyed 1,000 women and 47.3 percent reported craving certain foods. Of that, "65 percent craved sour food, 40 percent unripe fruits, 47 percent meat and fish, 30 percent ripe fruits and 22 percent breadfruit."

But I guess we can take all that with a grain of salt. The study also says that "pregnancy cravings [were] significantly higher in women who married after a love affair than in those who had [an] 'arranged' marriage," as well as in "women who were superstitious (e.g. believed in devil dancing) than in those who were not."

The bottom line, dads, is that no matter what our wives crave, we have to support the silly randomness of their requests. They are carrying our child after all.

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Bridget said...

here's an interesting bbc article on pregnancy cravings.

There was on in the recent edition of SI Parent stating that women who craved junk food during pregnancy increased their child's risk of obesity. ??? The bbc article says that the woman's diet and cravings can affect the child's preferences. Makes some sense (maybe?). I craved chocolate milk and clementines (not at the same time) and couldn't stand the sight of meat when I was pregnant with my daughter. she's a big fruit and veggie eater. With my son, I wanted veggie rolls and cheeseburgers.. he loves meat, bread, starches. We'll see who ends up the porker? (j/k) Both are pretty skinny right now.

Casey said...

My hubby is really good about my cravings, he'll go right out and get whatever it is that I need when he's actually home. He doesn't even seem to mind the ridiculous amount of money that I've spent fulfilling my cravings