Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr. Richard and Paparazzi Parents

Mr. Richard is a celebrity around Orlando, but he's also been featured nationally in Parenting magazine, Cookie magazine and even The New York Post. He may have played in rock bands through high school and college, but at one point turned to kid's music....award-winning kid's music.

He even has groupies, little girls and boys who bring their guitars to his free "concerts" at schools, libraries and book stores around town. They know all the words to his music. My two-year-old and I have been to a few of his "concerts," and I've seen these groupies. They are hilarious. One thing is for sure, everyone there is having a good time.

My favorite is his song "Cheese" where he talks about PAPARAZZI PARENTS. I'm sooo guilty of being a paparazzi parent, and I'm sure most of you baby blog addicts are too. I ALWAYS have my camera with me and say "cheese" to my son quite often. Can you relate? Mr. Richard even has a music video for "Cheese" on You Tube. It's quite comical. Check it out here. You can purchase his CDs in the right column on his About page.

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Bridget said...

That song is too cute! I'm totally guilty of that too! My husband tells me to put the camera down all the time! ;)