Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog: Wading Pool Etiquette

It's always annoying when parents let their toddlers run roughshod over other kids - whether it's at a playground or a pool. Some parents are always much more attentive than others. In Parenting Magazine's The Parenting Post blog, Mighty Maggie writes about a recent problem at a wading pool:

"I assumed this little girl's mother was around somewhere, but possibly making sure a smaller sibling wasn't getting trampled by the big boys going to war on each other with squirt guns. I didn't mind my little helper, until she suddenly decided to take off for the other end of the pool with the bucket Jack had just been filling and dumping on himself. Jack looked after her with his hand outstretched. I quickly gave him another toy and wondered again about the mom. Did she not see her kid make off with a one-year-old's toy?"

Read the entire post here.

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