Sunday, July 20, 2008

QUAD Spotlight: Steece's Pieces

Here's the first of four amazing quad blogs that we will feature over the next two weeks here on Baby Blog Addict. We were also honored to ask these quad moms a few questions, so we'll be posting some Q&A's too, so you can get to "know" these supermoms beyond their blogs

"Steece's Pieces: Prayed For One, Blessed With Four" is an amazing journal that Suzanne Steece started way back in September 2005. She started her blog for herself and named it, "The Life of Suz". In her first post, she says, "My life is an open book and I love sharing my stories and events with you." I'm sure she had no idea at that point where her blog would be today - a quad blog read by thousands of people a day from all over the world.

It's not surprising that she has generated such a huge following. (Just check out her blogger profile - she has more than 35,000 profile views!) Suz and her husband, Joe, are hilarious. I should note that I've never met them, but feel like I "know" them, since I've followed their blog from early on in her pregnancy. And now they get even more comical inspiration from their journey with their quads - Drew, Ben, Ethan and Savanah - and get to share their stories with us.

When we asked Suz for her favorite post, she came back with five. Here they are:

1) 3/1/07: The post where I first found out we were having quads--the emotions are SO real and I depicted EVERYTHING that was going through our heads at that moment--every time I read it, it takes me RIGHT back to that day!

2) 5/31/07: FAT SUZ! - a great post about being able to laugh at yourself in any situation.

3) 7/14/07: I LOVED Joe's post during my pregnancy--so neat to read everything from HIS perspective....i think he is hilarious! ;)

4) 1/20/08: The video of Ben completely asleep in his bumbo with Andrew screaming right beside him...hilarious.

5) 6/15/08: My Father's Day video for Joe.

Suz is blessed to have her entire journey written down and we are blessed too, since she has allowed us to be a part of it.

Learn more about Suz and her life with quads when we feature Q&As with all four of our featured quad moms over the next two weeks. Or you may feel like you know all about her, if you just read her blog from start to finish!


Midwest Mommy said...

I love this blog!!
The babies are just too cute. It is so nice to see them highlighted here!!!

Glenn & Nikki said...

I read Suz's all of the time! ThePrincess Linens site has such adorable things! I love the Baby Pink & Chocolat Bon Bon Corduroy Dress.

Brandi said...

I am so glad I found this blog, as a blogging mommy it is great to read about other mothers that blog as well! I am glad you featured Steece's Pieces today, I will definitely be checking out their blog a lot more!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

I love Suz's blog! I read it all the time!

Quad Squad! said...

I'm so glad you're spotlighting these quad moms! It gives the world a glimpse of what we go through every day! And how happy (most of the time!) we are to be so blessed!

Collegegirl said...

Their blog is AMAZING and Joe and Suz are some AWESOME people as well! I LOVE being able to see some of their life daily!