Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chalkboard, Magnetic & Dry Erase Paint

I have been amazed with chalkboard paint ever since I first heard about it and tried it. But I recently came across more amazing options for kids' walls. There's a magnetic paint, dry erase paint and even glow in the dark paint!

These I found are made by RustOleum and can be found at most home stores or paint stores. One of their newest products is a Chalkboard Tint Base which allows you to choose from 12 colors including Fresco Red, Peapod and Grape Fizz to name a few.

Check out this creative wall mural using chalkboard paint ( I recently saw another picture in a magazine that had large chalkboard rectangles painted around the room. Each had a whimsical, white frame painted around the chalkboard. It looked so real and gave a sophisticated touch to a "chalkboard" in a little girl's playroom.


Bridget said...

I love the idea of chalkboard paint! I wonder how difficult it is to strip it off the wall later???

Baby Blog Addict said...

Bridget, good question about how to paint over it. Looks like people are saying to use a GOOD PRIMER and then you can paint right over it like other paint. Check out this link here.

Casey said...

I hope I'll have a house someday soon so I can use this paint!

Anonymous said...

We looked at a house recently that we were thinking about buying and it had one wall that was painted with chalkboard paint. I thought it was cute but the realtor (a friend) said that more than one family seemed to be very turned off by it. I like it in the tree shape better than an entire wall.

Jan from
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