Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quad Q&A: "Funniest Comment About Quads?"
and "Funniest Mommy Brain Moment"

Here's Part 4 of our Q&A with the Quad Moms. Click here if you missed Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 or just keep scrolling down.

What's the funniest comment you've received about having quads?

  • Suz Steece - oh man...jeeeez...there are lots! umm..."quadruplets?...oh...so that's three, right?"

  • Jen Murray - We get "Do Quads Run In Your Family?" quite often, and I'm tempted to say, "Why, YES! I'm a quad, my husband is a quad, my great-great grandfather was a quad...we come from a LONG line of quads!"

  • Gen McNulty - Did you do this on purpose? Wow, triplets!

  • Mari Goerlich - "4 babies!? That's what happens when you take that fertilizer."
8. What's your funniest "mommy brain" moment (either while pregnant or since the babies arrived)?

  • Suz - oh man, there were a LOT! we quad moms had it really bad because there were FOUR babies in there sucking the oxygen out of the blood that was going to our brains!

    i guess, when i was pregnant it would have to be the time i flashed an entire waiting room of people! you know how when you are pregnant, your body is completely changing constantly--well i was completely oblivious to the draft i was feeling down below.

  • Jen - Probably remaking formula over and over, back in the severe sleep deprived days, because I would loose count of how many scoops I would put in each bottle. Counting to 3 has never been so difficult in my whole life!

  • Gen - Oh MY GOD. If you only knew!! I literally can't remember my own name some days. let alone other important things. My husband finally got me a PDA and a laptop to help me put my brain on the computer. I've been a mess since having the kids. If I don't put it down in writing...it's gone...gone gone gone gone! I've said and done too many embarrassing things to remember.

  • Mari - After the babies were born, a representative from the hospital records department came into the room to get all of the names for the babies' birth certificates. I couldn't remember the middle names we chose so I had to look on our blog. I was so embarrassed! I'll blame it on the pain meds:)
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beth ewing said...

the fertilizer comment was just too funny. and the quads running in the family. who thinks to say these things.

NIKKI said...

We get crazy comments with twins...but can not even begin to imagine with quads.
I almost just peed on myself laughing about the fertilizer comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. 122 said...

my fiance is a quad (three boys and a girl, plus an older sister, and a younger a sister!)! he's going to love this!

Mrs. Domino said...

Makes me feel goofy for not being able to keep up with my one kid! Just knowing quad mommies survive and have enough time to answer questions online is inspiring!