Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog: Cloth Diapers and Savings

Several Baby Blog Addicts have told us they use cloth diapers. We wonder if they've ever sat down and added up the money they're saving. No? Well, a guy in Spain did. He says he saved $1,923.89 during the first two years of his child's life. Not bad.


Bridget said...

Yeah it saves you money... if you can control yourself! lol. I keep finding super cute CDs to buy! rrr. I just ordered another... dalmation print. Too cute!
I think the main thing is that it's one less disposable in the landfill. Why not use super cute diapers, save money, and help the earth a little? ;)

Baby Blog Addict said...

Funny, Bridget. I bet a few years ago, this would not have been a problem. It's amazing how far cloth diapers have come and how cute they are making them now.