Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quad Spotlight: Welcome to Quadville
The McNulty Quads

We've spotlighted two amazing quad blogs so far, the Murray Crew and the Steece Quads. Now, we'd like to introduce you to the McNulty Quads - Molly, Ally, Libby and Russ.

The McNultys were our first blog spotlight back in June 2007, just a couple of weeks after we launched BabyBlogAddict.com.

I'm not sure if I told Gen and Conor this when we did a spotlight on their blog the first time, but they were part of the inspiration behind BabyBlogAddict.com.

My sister sent me a link to their blog after she came across it while blog-hopping back in May 2007. I started at the beginning and read through the entire blog THAT NIGHT (granted it was one year less of posts at that time). If you read their story on their first post in December 2005, you will be hooked. Both mom, Gen, and dad, Conor, are hilarious and now they have the help of four kids who are well on their way to opening their own comedy club.

We asked Gen to tell us her favorite post and she said, "Our 5 year anniversary post, without a doubt." We'd have to agree.

We have one more quad blog to spotlight tomorrow, then we'll start with the Quad Mom Q&As, so you can get to know these four amazing moms beyond their blogs.

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McNulty Quads said...

WOW, that is so cool, I didn't know that!!!

Thanks for taking the time to do this awesome "quadathon!" I know we all had a lot of fun answering the quesions.


Aimee Ash said...

I have to admit that Gen was the inspiration to starting my own baby blog! I started reading the Mcnulty blog after being sent it by a local Sacremento friend and it didn't take long and all my Indiana friends were hooked too! When I found out I was pregnent with twins, I thought, if she's got the time to do it, so do I! Thanks for blogging!