Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Website Spotlight: Elliot's Preemie Tees

Please welcome Baby Blog Addict's newest advertiser, Elliot’s Preemie Tees™. They specialize in clothes for preemies and micro preemies while they are still in the hospital or home on oxygen and monitors. They say their selection "is the most adorable and affordable clothes for preemies anywhere on the internet."

Preemie Tees™ are made-to-order from dozens of 100% cotton interlock fabrics in sizes that really fit starting at 1-2 pounds. You pick the styles and fabrics you want! And because their clothes are NICU friendly, the nurses and staff love them too.

Check out their blog at Premature Grandmother and the New Elliot’s Preemie Tees video at Elliot's Preemie Tees Video

Baby Blog Addicts can receive a FREE Preemie Tee & Hat Set with a $50 purchase. Enter this code in the comment box with your order: EPTSET. Sets will be made from one of the fabrics and sizes in your order.


Bridget said...

When my cousin's baby was born 6 wks early and 3lb I ordered them a few pieces from Elliots! They LOVED them! I wish I had known about them when Libby was born. We were rolling up the sleeves and legs to her preemie outfits for 2 wks.

Baby Blog Addict said...


It's great to hear first hand opinion. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Very cute little shirts and I like the term Premature Grandmother as I am the gramndother of 2 preemies!

I think being able to dress a preemie is awesome.