Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quad Q&A:
"How Popular?" and "Pressure to Entertain?"

We hope you are having as much fun getting to know these four amazing quad moms as we did interviewing them and now posting their answers.

On Thursday, we asked them, "Did you know what a blog was before you found out you were pregnant?" and "When something happens in your own household, do you think, I am so blogging about this?" Click here to see what they told us.

Here are two more questions we asked the quad moms and their answers. More to come throughout the week.

3. Did you realize how popular your blog was going to be (strangers from around the world checking in on you daily) when you started it?

  • Suz Steece - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! it is a little ridiculous! but amazing at the same time. very humbling (sometimes scary).

  • Jen Murray - Absolutely not and I might not have started blogging in the first place knowing what I know now! I think it's just the boys' sweet faces that draws people in - not that I'm biased or anything! It's a privilege to share our miracle story of how God has blessed our family with others across the world!

  • Gen McNulty - No Idea. It's AMAZING how the web can bring us all together.

  • Mari Goerlich - I thought it would just be a cool e-diary and to keep up with out-of-town family. We also hoped that maybe it would touch someone else who was going through similar things.
4. Do you ever feel "pressure" to be entertaining in your blogs since you've set such high and comedic standards for yourselves?

  • Suz - YES! which is sometimes frustrating when you just don't have time! i remember traveling one weekend and not updating for almost a full week and i keep thinking to myself (while on vacation), "man, i had better blog soon or my blogger fans might be knocking on my door soon!" it is unreal!

  • Jen - Yes, especially after a great post series, but the boys come up with great blogging material. They ALWAYS give me something to write about!

  • Gen - No, I really don't. Sometimes our posts are funny, sometimes they are serious... but, they are always real. Our blog is just us, it's who we really are. We laugh a lot, make fun of each other a lot, and try to always share the comedy of our own lives.

  • Mari - I wouldn't say we feel pressure to be entertaining but we strive for it. As much for ourselves as anyone else, I guess.

More Q&As with the Quad Moms tomorrow and throughout the week.

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