Monday, July 21, 2008

QUAD Spotlight: 4Tunate
The Murray Crew Quads

The Murray Crew Quads are the second of four amazing quad blogs that we are featuring here on Baby Blog Addict during our Quadathon. If they look familiar to you, that's because we've featured them here on BBA twice before.

We first featured the Murray Crew Quads over a year ago, back in July 2007, when they were just five months old. Their mom, Jen, was already a loyal reader. She then submitted the boys - Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac - in their "Hallow-Weiner" costumes and won our BBA Halloween Costume Contest.

Here's a fun tidbit. Jen and her husband Brad started out with a blog titled "Triplet-Update" then realized a few weeks later that they were actually having quads. When the four boys came home from the hospital, they decided it was also time to start a new blog and The Murray Crew Blog was born.

When we asked Jen to pick a favorite post from her blog, she said, "I can never pick an ultimate favorite, so here are a few highlights." This is perfect for us, since her favorites will provide a great snapshot of their blog and quad journey.

Learn more about Jen and her life with quads when we feature Q&As with all four of our featured quad moms over the next two weeks.

Don't miss our Quad Spotlight of Steece's Pieces below. And we still have two more amazing quad blogs to spotlight this rest of this week. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

How fun! :) What wonderful families. They certainly deserve the spotlight. Cool website!

Collegegirl said...

Jen and Brad plus the boys are AMAZING!!! With their sweet boys, anyting is possible.
Love the post!

David Carson-The Photographer said...